See why it's the best tasting carob bar on the planet!


About The Best Carob Bar On The Planet


The Bar

Humphrey's Carob Bar is a healthy, vegan snack that will satisfy your sweet cravings without guilt. Our great-tasting carob bars are unmatched by anything you've ever tasted. Contains no refined sugar, preservatives, dairy, cocoa, caffeine, or chocolate, and no hydrogenated oils. You will like ours as much as regular chocolate candy bars. Wow! and that's great!

Hands down, it's the best carob bar on the planet!

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Malt sweetened carob chips, (barley malt [corn], fractionated palm kernel oil, carob, soy lecithin), raw sugar, coconut, pecans, almond butter, malted barley, chicory, rye, a whisp of sea salt

Nutrition Facts: 3 Servings per bar, Total Fat 12g 18%, Saturated Fat 8g 40%, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Sodium 0mg 0%, Total Carbohydrate 20g 7%, Dietary Fiber <1g 3%, Sugars 10g, Protein 1g

The Taste

Looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate, tastes like chocolate, but. . . it's not chocolate! These healthy carob bars have that creamy, smooth, milk-chocolaty taste that you love! You'll be amazed!


"Customers always come back to buy more  Humphrey's Carob Bars when they run out. They love it!" —FNC, Texas

"We like em' and can't wait to eat the next one!" —Bill, customer

"It doesn't taste like carob, it tastes like chocolate." Selene, customer

"Humphrey's Carob Bar is the fourth best-selling item in our store."— Richard, health food store owner, Virginia


What is carob?

Carob is a sticky bean that grows in pods on the locust tree. The locust tree grows wild in Israel and Spain.

Why do you use carob instead of chocolate?

Carob is rich in nutrients, is a good source of antioxidants, and does not contain caffeine or theobromine. Carob has a naturally sweet taste and is less bitter than chocolate. Many people who are allergic to chocolate or dairy products can enjoy Humphrey's Carob Bar without risk of an allergic reaction.

How long has carob been around?

A very long time ago, in the Bible, John the Baptist ate locust and wild honey.

Is Humphrey's Carob Bar gluten-free?

No, it contains barley malt as one of its ingredients.

How many servings does each Humphrey's Carob Bar contain?

There are three servings in each bar.

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ABC Foods, Keene, Texas

Spiral Diner, Fort Worth, Texas

Cox Farms Market, Duncanville, Texas

Family Nutrition Center, Cleburne, Texas

Richardson's Health Foods, Fort Worth, Texas

Pruett Foods, Antlers, Oklahoma
Antlers Hardware, Antlers, Oklahoma
Veggies, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Country Store, Harrah, Oklahoma

Hartland Hall Natural Foods, Orange, Virginia

Wellness Secrets, Decatur, Arkansas

Clark Retreat and Bakery, Wildwood, Tennessee

Wellness Center, Paris,Texas

Living Well, Rockville, Maryland

Apple Tree Natural Foods, Alcoa, TN

Better Living Center, Cleveland, OH

Blue Hills Market, Abingdon, VA

Carolina ABC Charlotte, NC

Feeling Great Healthy Market Place, Hendersonville, NC

Georgia-Cumberland ABC, Decatur, GA

Sunshine Nutrition Center, Murfreesboro, TN

Village Market, Collegedale, TN

Wildwood Country Store, Wildwood, GA

Humphrey's Carob Bar

Humphrey's Carob Bar

Wholesome ingredients



adds that wonderful nutty crunch.



add that smooth milky taste.